Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Gain RESPECT in 2012

There are really only 4 tips that you need to know!

Respect = Power

Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., changed the world because of their ability to enroll others to act in ways that furthered their mission and vision. Their power to influence others existed only because they were respected by their followers. When leaders gain respect, they gain both a greater number of followers, as well as, more entrenched followers. When leaders lose respect, they lose followers and, hence, their power and ability to further their goals.

How do you increase your level of respect and your ability to influence others in 2012? Here are the only 4 surefire tips for 2012 that will lead to immediate results:

1. If you have made mistakes, take responsibility for them. We all blow it at times - from minor infractions such as forgetting to return a phone call to more damaging behaviors such as "throwing someone under the bus". All too often we ignore or rationalize such behaviors which leaves others feeling disrespected and, in turn, leads them to disrespect you. When we acknowledge and take responsibility for our mistakes people respect us more. You also serve as a role model and let others know that it is better to expose mistakes than try to hide them. Do you have any “messes” that you need to clean up?

2. Keep your word and commitments. My grandfather taught me that all you have in this world is your word. If you don’t respect your word, who’s going to respect you? Whether it is getting to a meeting on time, accomplishing a task on time, or holding someone accountable, you will be judged on keeping your word. It is also called having integrity.

3. Be straight. One of the most uncomfortable things we can do is to give someone sensitive personal feedback, e.g., poor personal hygiene. When we do, people are naturally embarrassed but they are also grateful and thankful. They know that they can trust you because you have been willing to share such information and they respect you for it.

4. Focus on improving dysfunctional relationships. One of the best places to start to gain respect is with those whom you have a less than ideal relationship. Why? Because that is where you have the greatest opportunity to gain respect and, hence, influence. Lose the attitude that you are not going to show respect until someone does. Control what you can control. Begin 2012 by identifying opportunities to promote respectful relationships and watch how your ability to influence others skyrockets!

Be respected and be powerful in 2012!

About the author:

Dr. Paul Marciano, Employee Engagement - Internationally Acclaimed Author:

Dr. Paul Marciano is an internationally acclaimed author and leading authority on employee engagement and behavior change. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Yale University and has served on the faculties of Davidson College and Princeton University, and has worked in the field of Organizational Development for 25 years. In addition to public speaking, writing, teaching, and consulting, Dr. Marciano serves as a regular contributing editor for Post and SmartBrief, as well as other prominent business media sites and columns. Dr. Marciano also serves on the board of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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