Monday, October 3, 2011

You Never Know - A Review

What would it be like to be a mega-million?  It's one thing if it comes from hard work, but what if you became rich in the blink of an eye?   I'm sure we've all fantasized about winning the lottery, but when it happens to Tobias Hillyer the unexpected drastically changes his life.

Tobias has worked hard all his life, but when his parents are killed in a car accident duty calls and Tobias puts aside his dreams of being an anthropologist to step into the role of parent with his mentally handicapped brother.  He feels the strain as he watches his best friend, Martin, climb the success ladder.  Will Tobias ever know what true success feels like?  Find out in, You Never Know by Lilian Duval, the story of an Accidental Lottery Winner.

This book is a powerful and memorable look at how money may change everything financially, but it shouldn't change who you truly are deep inside.  Duvals's characters are true-to-life, as she puts them through their paces.  I loved the underlying message of You Never Know and hope that if I suddenly came into money I'd handle it half as well as Tobias does.

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You Never Know is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through special order at your local bookstores.


Lauralee said...

ur blog design is super cool. I can't quite imagine having a ton of money. Actually I don't ever really. Guess I don't care a whole lot, huh?

Lauralee said...

oh thanks for the follow btw

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