Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Problem Was Me

How To End Negative Self-Talk And Take Life To A Whole New Level

Are you being bombarded with your own negativity and self doubt?  I think we all have times when the "voice" in our head tries to sabotage every thing we attempt to do, whether it be stopping addictive behaviour or embarking on a new career, this voice can be a shouting presence that convinces us we are a failure.

If this is you don't give up, The Problem Was Me by Thomas Gagliano, is a wonderful self-help book that will squash that irritating inner voice once and for all.  Gagliano writes this book in an easy to follow, yet effective manner.  From the beginning of discussing "Damaged Goods" to "Forgiveness and Spirituality" this book dives into the core problems and offers sound solutions for the release of negative self-talk.

Another one of the great things about, The Proble Was Me, is Gagliano writes from the heart and from his own personal experience - he can relate and help you too!

Check out Thomas Gagliano's web site at; or pop on over to Amazon and Barnes & Noble to purchase a copy today.

Don't waste another second listening to your inner voice telling you you're a failure, grab a copy of The Problem Was Me and begin the journey to a happier life.

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