Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Superkid Saves the Day - a Review

Superkid Saves the Day in more ways than one.  Superkid helps children sort out their emotions in eleven different stories.  From feelings of anger, jealousy, eating healthy and listening to others, Superkid will guide your youngster and educate them in a fun and loving way.

In addition, Superkid teaches how to breathe deeply to gain more control of your emotions and also to calm tense moments - a lesson that is sure to last a lifetime!

Author Janai Lowenstein has written about common situations that children may have already experienced and can relate to.  Superkid Saves the Day is also an interactive read (asking pointed questions throughout) so parents and/or teachers can open up a path to deep, meaningful discussions.

The illustrations by Yan Jiang are bright and simply adorable - you're kids will love them!

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