Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Superkid Camp - A Review

I remember spending my childhood carefree, having fun and just being a kid.  However, times have changed and so has the world.  Kids these days are faced with so many troubles it hardly seems fair. 

So what's a parent to do to help combat feelings of grief and unhappiness in our children?  Superkid Camp by Janai Lowenstein is a great place to start.

Superkid wears a cape and teaches children to love themselves and to make good choices.  At Superkid Camp children from all walks of life and cultures learn about each other through the use of the camp "Talking Stick." 

Lowenstein cleverly weaves fun and heart lessons through her diverse characters which are not only interesting, their educational - I particularly enjoyed learning about Saada from Africa!

In addition, Lowenstein has added in questions to engage your child and help them (and yourself) understand their feelings and where they're at emotional.  This is also a great way to open up a dialogue for those quiet souls or in a small classroom setting.

The illustrations by Yan Jiang are the perfect accompaniment to the story.  Her cute little characters bring each page alive and will draw your youngster into the story.

Check out Superkid Camp and other Lowenstein titles at; http://www.childstress.org/

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