Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Medium Next Door - A Review

"I see dead people..."

This famous line from the very popular movie, The Sixth Sense, has been quoted over and over, but for Maureen Hancock communing with the dead isn't a joke, it's a way of life. 

In The Medium Next Door, Maureen shares her life story which includes some of her own tragedies as well as her ability to hear and respond to the dead.  This unique talent of Maureen's has helped many grieving people obtain peace, she has solved mysteries, assisted the dying and has landed her her very own television show. 

What makes Maureen different from all the other "ghostbusters"?  "I enjoy making people smile," Maureen says.  "I think what differentiates me from other spirit mediums is that I believe our loved ones in spirit enjoy coming through with a celebration and not reliving another wake."  In addition Maureen likes to "jump in with humour and help the person left behind know that it's okay to continue living, laughing and celebrating these great memories."

Even if you're skeptical about "ghosts" and an afterlife, Maureen's candor and readings are chillingly accurate - I found myself wishing she had a message from beyond for me!  She also looks like an ordinary mom (no layers of flowing scarves and dangling jewelry).  Her humor throughout the book is a wonderful change for a subject that could otherwise be morose. 

I will admit I had my doubts about Maureen's authenticity when I first picked up her book, however, the more I read the more I believed she truly does have a wonderful gift and the fact that she uses it for good (lots of time for free) is just more convincing.

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