Monday, August 8, 2011

A Rainy Week

Eleven year old Ellen is excited to be visiting her favorite vacation spot, Lake Okoboji.  But when the rain starts and continues throughout the entire week, what will Ellen find to fill her time...find out in; A Rainy Week.

Eleven year old Ellen F. Frances has written and illustrated this fun picture book.  It shows kids that even though it may be raining outside, that doesn't mean the fun stops.

Check out, A Rainy Week at Ellen's web site; or on Amazon

About the Author:

Ellen Frances Keast is a full-time student with a wide array of talents. In addition to writing and illustrating A Rainy Week, the second book of her published series, Ellen has also participated and excelled in numerous speech and poetry competitions. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys playing the saxophone, gardening, and baking. The first book in the series, A Snowy Week, was written when she was in the first grade. Ellen Frances Keast currently lives in Harlan, Iowa where she is writing the next book for her series, A Sunny Week, which will be set in Hawaii. A Rainy Week by Ellen Frances Keast (published by Strategic Book Group, RPR $10) is available from the publisher’s website and Amazon Please visit the author’s website at

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