Friday, August 12, 2011

My Quest to be a Single Dad - A Review

They say the love of a mother is one of the most powerful things, but what if you're a single man?  Should that love be considered any less powerful?

Meet Garry White, a single, never-been-married man that desperately wants to make a home for a disadvantaged boy (or boys).  His qualifications are impeccable except for one small blemish - his brief stint with anxiety that left him seeking professional assistant. 

Garry's 30 plus years struggling against an unfair system will not only touch your heart, it will leave you wondering what's wrong with the bureaucratic, higher-ups of these adoption agencies.

In addition, Garry also offers advice and help for anyone trying to wade through the adoption process - It's a must read!

My Quest to be a Single Dad - Thirty Plus Years Trying to Adopt is available on Amazon and Tate Publishing

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Liz said...

A-to-the-Men!! Quite literally!! Checking you out from the Weekend Blog Hop. Check out Life As I Know It: Crazy Kids and All at

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