Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Megasaurus

Oh no there's a monster in Beandom!  What will King Limalot do to protect all the tiny, bean-shaped bears?  Find out in The Megasaurus by Thomas and Peter Weck. 
The bears are terrified when they learn of a huge beast that, "made the earth tremble with each pounding step, and the trees sway when it roared..."  So King Limalot calls in his advisors - three wise old owls. However when each fail to rid the land of the Megasaurus (and get themselves eaten in the process) the King is finally left to take the advice of small L. Joe Bean, a servant's son.        

This book is cleverly written and funny to boot.  The illustrations by Len Disalvo are wonderfully done with much detail that brings this imaginary kingdom to life.  I could see the bears of Beandom being brought to the big screen and having their own toys!

In addition, at the end of the book you can engage your child with;
  • before reading questions
  • during reading questions
  • after reading questions
  • make a monster mask
  • count and measure 300 paces
  • dialogue
  • word sort
The Megasaurus is the first book in this series and is a must have for any child's collection. Check out Lima Bear Press at; or grab a copy at Amazon

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