Monday, July 18, 2011

The Guardian Angel Diary - A Review

Depending on your spiritual upbringing, you may or may not believe that we each have a guardian angel assigned to watch over us. 

The Guardian Angel Diary by Grant Schnarr takes a fictional look at one girl's relationship with her guardian angel.

Nicole Bealart already had it rough when her mother dies of cancer and her father shuts down, turning to alcohol to dull the pain.  So when Nicole is diagnosed with a brain tumor she turns to the only "person" who can help - her guardian angel. 

Written in Nicole's point of view, her diary (and the entries to her angel and his responses) deliver a unique story of coping and hope.  This book demonstrates Nicole's true feelings and desires and gives a wonderful flavour to the over all story.  Classified as young adult fiction, this book is an interesting read and is sure to be appealing to teenagers.

The Guardian Angel Diary is available on Amazon

About the Author;

Minister and Life-Coach Grant Schnarr draws together voices of young people he has met and counseled to weave a fictional tale of love, fear and hope and teaches us about finding faith in the most unexpected places.

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