Saturday, June 11, 2011

Soccer World Spain Explore the World Through Soccer

I loved Ethan Zohn on Survivor and now he's put out his own series of children's books co-authored with David Rosenberg.

Soccer World Spain Explore the World Through Soccer is the third in the series.  This book takes your child on a wonderful adventure with Ethan and his young friend, Javier, to explore Spain.  The book includes fascinating facts, projects to do, words to learn in Spanish, landmarks, Spanish traditions and culture and so much more.  The story doesn't feel forced and flows along as Ethan explores this wonder country.

I had a blast learning things I never knew about Spain!  Plus, your child doesn't need to be "in" to soccer to enjoy this book.  It's excellent and a must have for any classroom or home library.

The illustrations done by Chad Thompson capture Ethan's looks and that of Spain to a "T". 

Check out Soccer World Spain on Nomad Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local book store.

And for an extra special treat. visit Ethan's web site at;


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