Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Stuck on what to get Dad this Father's Day?  Check out these unique gifts from
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As Father’s Day approaches, many are hoping to “wow” Dad with something special this year but gift cards and tie rack just aren’t cutting it anymore. Leading penny auction site, has put together some out of the box, cost-effective ideas for every type of Dad out there. Here are some items that put a unique spin on traditional gifts:

~  For the fishing Dad: Fishing Rod with an Underwater Video Camera - An underwater video camera transmits all the underwater action to a full motion LCD screen on the fishing rod. Fishing with Dad just got more fun.

~  For the Star Wars fanatic: Star Wars Lightsaber - Prepare dad for intergalactic battles with a realistic looking light saber that boasts motion sensor-controlled sound effects: power-up, idle hum, clash and power-down. LED lights power the saber blade’s glow. Let him know he’s the best dad in the galaxy.

~  For the speed racer and car enthusiast: Cobra 14-Band Radar/Laser Detector - Up Dad’s stealth factor with 360 degree detection and Spectre I to provide immunity from radar detector-detectors. Dad’s got a need for speed but between college tuitions and bills, there’s no room for speeding tickets.

~  For the Mr. Clean Dad: Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer - Ultraviolet light kills bacteria on the toothbrush, ensuring that your toothbrush is clean everytime you brush. Everyone brushes their teeth and everyone likes Ninjas; it’s a foolproof gift.

~  For the daring or shutterbug Dad: Drift X170 Action Camera - Attach this wireless remote controlled camera to a helmet, goggles or handlebars and capture photos and videos of all your extreme fun. You know, to use as proof he’s a cool dad… as if it were ever questioned.

Check out these and many other products available at for 75% or more off retail price.

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