Friday, February 4, 2011

Twist of Fate

Based on a true story of the events on September 27th, 2006.  A tractor-trailer headed to a meatpacking plant over turns on Interstate 44 in rural Missouri.  Forty-two horses and one hinney are trapped inside.  Rescue workers work through the night and manage to free twenty-five horses and the hinney - a miracle in itself.  But seven months later the real miracle occurs.  A colt is born and is named "Twist of Fate," surviving the harrowing crash inside the brave mare.

Twist of Fate is a touching tale of strength, compassion and dedication.  This book is written by Chris Stuckenschneider and will captivate your young readers. I had tears in my eyes as Chris writes this story from "Twister's" point of view.  The paintings by Kevin Belford are so life-like you are immediately draw to them. 

Come take the journey with all the survivors of the terrible crash on that fateful night - even though the circumstances that start off this story are sad, the outcome is one of hope and happiness. 

Kudos to the wonderful, caring folks at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.  Check them out at;

You can see actual photos of Mama and all the residents of the rehabilitation facilty in Missouri.  In addition, a live webcam is available to view Twist of Fate as he grows and flourishes.  Classroom tours are also available if you are in the area.

A portion of the proceeds of Twist of Fate will go to help the Missouri Humane Society, the organization that operates Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Twist of Fate is available on Amazon

You read the review on check out the sneak peek trailer below.

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