Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What to do With that Tooth

5 Unexpected Things to Do with Your Kid’s Baby Teeth

The truth most parents aren’t willing to admit is that they likely toss out the baby teeth their kids hide under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy. So the folks at StemSave put together this list of five great things to do with teeth that will keep your kids healthy and happy in the future:

1. Bury your baby's teeth in a time capsule in the backyard. You can add other keepsakes, like a favorite t-shirt, toys, books or photos, so when your children grow up, they can remember those momentous occasions.

2. Make a baby book album with photos and … teeth. In addition to saving the first lock of hair, you can save the first tooth.

3. Get a "First Tooth" kit or porcelain tooth bank. Little girls love putting keepsakes in a jewelry box. Consider doing the same for them with a first tooth kit!

4. Get a Tooth Fairy pillow. These can be personalized for your child, boy or girl, with a discrete place to stash the tooth and a note to the tooth fairy. Just “Google” Tooth Fairy Pillow and you’ll find lots of great sources.

5. Preserve those baby teeth with a private bank where doctors and scientists can save the valuable stem cells from the tooth’s pulp. Many parents don’t realize that stem cells are in baby teeth and that you can store them for future use. It’s also a great second chance for parents who didn’t save their baby’s cord blood.

StemSave is the stem cell company that works with families, doctors and dentists to educate them about the opportunity of recovering stem cells from teeth. Scientists are making countless breakthroughs in stem cell research, doing everything from regenerating bones to muscle and nerve tissue. The implications for medical treatments are endless.

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