Monday, December 13, 2010

The Willow Falls Christmas Train

Inspired by a true story come take a journey with Obie and the Christmas train. 

The major of Willow Falls has made a decision, "We have a brand new airport.  We don't need a railroad where our children can get hurt."

What does this mean?  No more brightly painted Christmas train?  No more presents delivered for all the children?

The Willow Falls Christmas Train by William Trombello is a wonderful story of how ordinary people join together to do an extraordinary task.  And how the Christmas train saved the day.

This book tells a timeless tale of people banning together in times of need.  The wonderful illustrations by John Schuller will draw your kids into the story and keep those pages turning.

Check out The Willow Falls Christmas Train on the web at;

This book would make a great early Christmas gift and is available at Barnes & Noble

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