Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oragenics - EvoraKids

Promoting healthy oral habits is so important in kids.  However, it's also very difficult to ensure kids are brushing properly - all the time, every time.

Now from the makers of EvoraPlus oral care system for adults comes EvoraKids, the first probiotic-based, all-natural oral care.

These chewable tablets are designed for kids ages 3-10 in a tasty 'Wild Very Cherry Berry' flavour.

"Kids have very special oral care needs," says Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, D.M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Oragenics, INC.  "and are much more likely than adults to form cavities.  The probiotics in EvoraKids effectively compete with certain harmful bacteria for both nutrients and space on tooth surfaces.  Daily application of the special blend of probiotics in EvoraKids will help support healthy teeth in children." 

EvoraKids come in a handy blister pack with easy to chew tablets.  Simply pop one out and let your child start fighting that nasty bacteria.  When added to a regular brushing schedule, Oragenics EvoraKids will give you peace of mind knowing their dental hygiene is under control.

For more information on Oragenics, visit their web site at; http://www.evorakids.com/

EvoraKids will be available worldwide through mass retail, pharmacies, as well as online retailers and other significant channels of distribution.

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