Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

It's hard to imagine what we do everyday - either as routine or on impulse - has an effect on any number of people in the future.

Did you know that there once existed a single man who, more that a century ago, made one move...that still dramatically effects how you live today? [excerpt from the Butterfly Effect]

The Butterfly Effect How Your Life Matters by Andy Andrews is an awe inspiring and eye-opening look at how one small desicion can effect millions of people.  Among the glossy pages of this beautiful book you'll learn how one man's descision in the heat of battle effected the entire US, how one women's love for a friend and courage in the moment raised a leader and how one man's short term as vice-president is still saving billions of lives today.

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews should be a must-buy on your shopping list this Christmas season...your desicion may change the world forever.

Check out Andy Andrews web site at;  Book avaiable for sale at all major retailers.

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