Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's Happening at the Cafe?

Check out my special guest blogger 13 year old Mara C. and her review of Krumbs Pet-Detective.

Do you like mysteries? If so, Krumbs Pet-Detective, has one you can help solve! Krumbs has to catch a feline gang of dreadful cats—five in all. They are cats on a mission, a mission to stop you from learning. From Tony the Toothpick, a cat with false teeth, to a sneaky fat cat called Fatty Calico, this evil gang is bad news. But Krumbs can stop them! However, he needs your help.

Read the profile of each bad cat on the loose. Then ask questions on the comment section of Krumbs Pet Detective. Krumbs will answer your questions one by one. Once the cats see that you’re learning, they’ll try to stop you. Then Krumbs can nab them! Can you help Krumbs capture the kitty thugs?

The fun interaction of Krumbs Pet-Detective makes it a mystery you can’t resist solving.

Krumbs Pet-Detective on the web at;


Mika said...

I'll have to tell my 10 year old daughter about that book! I'm now following from the blog hop.
I'd love a follow back at
Thanks, Mika

Momma of Three {Kenna} said...

New follower from the fun weekend blog hop!

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