Sunday, November 28, 2010

Firsts by Wilson Casey

There has to be a first time for everything...

Take a look at how some of the "First" in things change the world forever.  Like...

The Gas Engine - on May 25, 1844, Stuart Perry's patent of the first engine using a turpentine gas fuel changed the face of motor vehicles forever - p.g. 90

The Microwave Oven - In 1946, Dr. Percy Spencer accidentally dicovers the effects of the microwaves on food - p.g. 123

Firsts Origins of Everyday Things that Changed the World by Wilson Casey is an informative and fun book covering everything from ATM's to Zippers.  Find out how "it all started" in this fact-filled book. 

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect to find among the pages of Firsts;

~  Art                                                 ~  Money
~  Business                                         ~  Movies
~  Computer                                       ~  Music
~  Crime and Legal                             ~  Nature and Environment
~  Fashion                                          ~  Oddities
~  Food and Drink                             ~  Pop Culture
~  Gender and Ethnicity                      ~  Religion
~  Government                                   ~  Science
~  Health and Beauty                          ~  Sports
~  History                                           ~  Technology
~  Hobbies and Leisure                       ~  Television
~  Home and Garden                          ~  Transportation
~  Media and Communication
~  Medical

Firsts: Origins of Everyday Things that Changed the World by Wilson Casey would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for all those trivia and history buffs on your Christmas list this year.

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About the Author;

Wilson Casey, a.k.a The Trivia Guy, is one of the country's foremost trivia aficionados, with a syndicated column, numerous books, an award-winning website (, and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest-running radio trivia broadcast at 30 hours.


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Anonymous said...

Love Mara Cobbs reviews on the books! She makes you want to run out, buy and read them all!

Wilson Casey said...

As "Trivia" Guinness World Record holder and author of "Firsts: Origins of Everyday Things that Changed the World!", there's over 500 entries and numerous debunks of other history books.

Please feel free to pop me an email!

Thanks, all best,

Wilson Casey

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