Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's Happening at the Cafe?

Games Games Games and more Games!

There's no need for your kids to be bored, Imagination-Cafe has everything to keep them occupied and entertained.  And it's all FREE!

Check out Open Mic. Here kids can "dish" on daily topics, meet up with friends old and new, or just hang out.  But don't worry mom, it's totally monderated so it's 100 percent safe.

Kids feel like playing a game?  Imagination-Cafe has a Game Room too.  Here they'll find online games like, House of Chocolate, Dirt Bike Championships, and Match the Bugz (just to name a few).  These are totally FREE and a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Want something to print out?  Check out Games to Go.  All you need is a printer and a pencil.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner the kids will love, Thanksgiving Pilgrims Celebrate - search out how many times the word "Thanks" appears in the hat.

We also have a new addition in Games to Go.  An Eagle Maze by Rebecca Gomez is sure to be hit (it's not just for kids, I had a blast finding my way to the end).

So what are you waiting for?  Pop on over to imagination-cafe and...

...Feed Your Mind With What You Find!

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