Friday, November 12, 2010

Sewing a Friendship - Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this wonderful book, Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti.

The message of friendship and cooperation is central as four friends embark on an adventure to enter a fashion show with their own creation.  The problem?  They need a fifth to enter as a group.  With the help of Babushka (Grandma) and Dogon (the secret agent dog) they are led to the solution.  Will they put aside their preconceived ideas of the "outsider"?  Can they form a partnership that may even lead to friendship?  Find out in, Sewing a Friendship by Natilie Tinti.

 This book isn't only a wonderful read for your pre-teen girls, but it was written by a ten-year old.  I was surprised at the maturity and professionalism Tinti expresses as her well-developed characters embark on their first day of summer vacation.  The fun illustrations, also done by Tinti, only add to this playful story.  This book is delightful and engaging and is a must have for any home library.  This is one little girl that isn't letting her young age stop her from achieving big goals - a true inspiration!

For more information or to order a copy of, Sewing a Friendship, please visit Tinti's web site at;

About the Author

Natalie Tinti is a fifth grader living in Southern California. With her passion and talent of illustrating, she has won many awards for her excellence. The most recently are:

1. Finalist 2010 in the Children;s Picture Book, Softcover Category hosted by International Book Awards;

2. Winner 2010 in Children's Motivation Category hosted by National Indie Excellence Awards

3. Winner Spring 2010 Pinnacle Achievement Award hosted by the North American Bookdealers Exchange

4.Silver Medal in the 2009 award contest hosted by the nationally recognized Readers Favorite Book Reviews.

Back in 2004, as a five-year-old, Natalie won first place for the poster contest at the city Annual Artists Event. That same year, she achieved first place for the Visual Arts Primary Division at her school. In 2007, her art piece was placed in the Promenade Mall at the Youth Art Exhibition hosted by the Temecula Valley Art Council. In addition, Miss Tinti received a certificate of achievement and was recognized as an honor student at her elementary school.

Since the publication of her book, Sewing a Friendship, Natalie participated in a book reading, a book signing and a book presentation everywhere.


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