Monday, November 8, 2010

Traveling Boots Want to Travel

The Adventures of the Traveling Boots have been on the move and we'd like to send them even further.  We are currently taking names for a unique and fun way to get your kids involved. 

The Idea?  Take this book and travel it as far and wide as we can.  Your mission if you choose to accept it...

After you receive the book, each person or family will sign the inside front cover of the book with where you're from and add small gifts ( postcards, pencils, magnets, stickers etc) from your country/state/province.  Once this is finished you send the book to the next place on the list (you will be given the name and address of the next "host" to send the book out to).  We ask that you then write a brief review of what you and your kids thought of the book.  We want to showcase these on Imagination-Cafe Blog for an entire week.  Pictures and linkbacks are welcome in your review.

I have one (signed) copy of this delightful book for this "adventure."  If you're interested in this project, please email me at with "Traveling Book" in the subject line.

Not sure?  Take a peek at the trailer of The Adventures of the Traveling Boots.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for join my blog hop.
here I invite you to join my community.
Thanks in advance.
PS.I follow your blog and also on Blogfrog(if you have one).

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