Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Dot Girl - Review

Growing up can be difficult especially for girls - puberty and menstruation can be a scary and uncertain time as bodies change and grow.

Help ease your daughters anxiety about her period with The Dot Girl First Period Kit.  This wonderful little package has "everything a girl needs for her first period."

The Kit Includes:

~  A compact heat/cold compress
~  Five feminine pads and disposal bags
~  Two hand wipes
~  Enclosed in a round, pink zippered pack

This kit also comes with a handy little "Period Answer Book."  This will answer all those questions she may have without having to deal with the ackwardness and embarrassment of asking.  This book includes 20 common questions (and answers), such as...

~  What is a period anyway?
~  How long is a menstrual cycle?
~  How much blood will there be?
~  Should I keep track of my cycle?

The Period Answer book is written in an easy-to-read and positive format that is sure to come in handy.  This is a brilliant idea, I wish it were around when I started my period.

For more information or to purchase The Dot Girl First Period Kit please check out their web site at;

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Interesting kit! Thanks for stopping by and following, I'm now following you back.

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