Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Three-Legged Kitten - Review

A small, skinny kitten is tossed out of a speeding car, landing in an old junk yard.  She is scared and in pain from her many injuries.  She limps under a pile of old tires where she soon falls asleep.

The next day the kitten reluctantly makes her way into the building where the owner feeds her some tuna.  However, his busy schedule soon leads him back to work.

What will become of this abandoned kitten?  Will she find some loving souls to help?  Find out in The Three-Legged Kitten by Samuel Lopez.

This is a wonderful book about courage and dedication.  Samuel Lopez is not only the author and illustrator of The Three-Legged Kitten, he's also the owner of the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary.  Here Lopez and his wife Cheri, care for the many abandoned, neglected and lost animals until they can find their "forever-homes."

This and many other stories of compassion have come from the hundred-year-old farm turned pet sanctuary.

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