Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Pet Week

To kick off pet week I have a 3 part review of some very special and long overdue books. Nito's books (Nito's Tale, Nito Meets Chloe and Nito and Chloe Get an Invitation) are based on a true story of an assistance dog living in the west.

Nito is the smallest puppy in his litter, but despite his tiny size he's choosen over his brothers and sisters.  But little does Nito know, he's being taken in for a very special purpose - Nito will be an assistance dog and soon learns all that entails.

Nito's Tale is a wonderful little book that's written in verse and from Nito's point of view.  A great addition to any child's library.  I give it 5 paws up!

Did you know...?

According to national statistics, 19 percent of the U.S. population is defined as disabled?  This includes the;
  • aging
  • ill
  • vision and hearing impaired
  • physically disabled
  • mentally disabled
For these individuals, service dogs offer both championship and support throughout their lives.  For more information check out;

Nito's Tale is available at

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