Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finance for Kidz

Finance for Kidz - Spending, Saving & Sharing Money by Prakash L. Dheerlya, PhD is a wonderful and long over-due book for kids kindergarten through grade three.

This book starts out with Zimmy losing a tooth and excited by the prospect of gaining another two dollars to add to the fifty-six dolllars he already has.  What will Zimmy do with his knew found wealth?  Spend it?  Save it? Share it?

Finance for Kidz, teaches children the value of money, how to comparison shop, wait for sales and  clearances as well sharing with those less fortunate or putting the money into a bank account.  The bright, bold illustrations and easy-to-follow story line will keep children entertained as well as begin the finanical education that will one day "pay off."

Dheerlya recommends reading Finance for Kidz aloud, filling in the blanks as they go along as well as reinforcing the concepts taught with their own family's examples.  Dheerlya says, "It is critical that parents take an active role.  If parents adopt this approach, children can digest the material easily and will retain these lessons throughtout their lives..."

Fianance for Kidz is Volume nine of a twenty part series.  To learn more about this book or the other books in the collection, visit their web site at;

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