Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Family-Friendly Humour Sites

Do you get burned out at work? Do you find yourself looking at the clock only to look again 3 seconds later thinking that surely it is 10 minutes later? Does your office job leave you drained? Perhaps you need to add a laugh break along with your daily coffee break. Studies show that a good deep belly laugh, where you laugh from way down inside, long and loud is as beneficial as sleep. Here are some fun sites where you can get your dose of laughter to make it through the day.

So sit back, relax and give yourself the gift of laughter. Best of all, these sites are family-friendly.

1) will give you jokes, video clips, anecdotes and all sorts of snippets to laugh at. Enjoy the variety you can find at this site for clean jokes.

2) Follow his tour and find out what the well known family comedian, Brian Regan is up to lately. Looking for a specific joke or skit from this laugh master? Click on the “Find Brian Online You Tube” segment. You’re sure to have a laugh and a half.

3) lists scores of jokes by category for your enjoyment. Look jokes up by subject or subscribe to get the Joke of the Day, Funny Picture of the Day, Fun Download of the Day, Funny Audio of the Day and Funny Video of the Day.

4) Check out their archives for all sorts of funnies. Enjoy bits by Red Skelton and others. Enjoy the good grins you will get all over your face as you read this good clean fun. Enjoy!

5) Find trivia, funny newspaper headlines, and a heap of fun pages for your and your family to laugh at each day. You’re sure to get a kick out of all you will find here.

6) will point you to clean and funny cartoon pictures, trips down memory lane and words of wisdom. You will like knowing you will find family appropriate jokes on this site.

7) Gives you family-appropriate limericks, jokes, poems and laughs galore. Let a good laugh brighten your perspective and get you through the day.

8) Find joke after joke after joke on this plentiful site. You can look up the humor by topic, newest, most viewed and overall best jokes.

9) has a plethora of tidbits to amuse you and your family. Click on their section of optical illusions, check out their free jigsaw puzzles, find car games for the next time you take a family trip, and so much more on this expansive site.

10) will tickle your funny bone. Get jokes you can tell your kids, use their email smileys in your next email to a friend and enjoy their clean jokes and funny true stories.

Now that you've taken a dose of good, wholesome laughter, don’t you just feel better? Visit these sites when you feel down or blue and you’re sure to be cheered up in no time at all.

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