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Kimbering Abbott Hill - Author Interview

Where will Kimberly's traveling boots go next? Read my interview with author of, The Adventures of the Traveling Boots;

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a "Louisiana Girl" who is excited to have fulfilled my dream of writing a children's book which I plan to develop into a series. I'm currently working on book number two. I live in Mandeville with my husband and two boys. I am actively involved with my childrens' schools spending many hours at each volunteering for many things. I am also busy visiting schools around my area sharing my book with the students during Author Day's, Literacy Events and other school functions.

Have you always been a writer? When did you know this is what you wanted to do?
I graduated from Louisiana State University and received my Master's degree from the University of South Alabama. I worked in health care until about 5 years ago. I did not study writing in school but have always enjoyed writing, especially making things rhyme. After my children were born, we spent alot of time at the library and book stores reading books. I realized the need for educational books. Reading is great but if you could get the benefit of learning something while reading, that is even better! During that time, I told myself that I wanted to write an educational children's book!

How long from idea to print did the process take?

I started the process in March 2009 and received the books on November 3rd, 2009. To me, this was very fast!

Where did the idea of travelling boots come from?

When I decided to move forward with writing a book, during dinner one evening, my family and I were brainstorming ideas. I wanted to write about something you have not already read about... nothing about animals or children or things children do. My oldest son (he was 10) threw out the idea of Boots. I said "what do the Boots do" and he replied, "we like to travel so the Boots can travel"... and that is how The Adventures of the Traveling Boots came to be! He loves the fact that it was his idea! I always share this when reading at schools so children can see what a great influence they can be even at a young age.

What do you hope your young readers will take from this story?

I hope readers will remember a few things about each place "The Boots" visit. I hope it inspires them to want to learn more about these places and be excited about learning history. The story was written in a whimsical way in hopes that it helps the children retain more and just want to read the story over and over. I also hope that they realize that young people can achieve great things if they just work hard and try their best just like my young illustrator did.

You have a very young illustrator for this book - Madeline Noton age 12. How were you paired together?

I knew that I wanted a child to illustrate the book for me to bring the educational content down to a childs perspective. A good friend of mine has a daughter who has been in the Talented Arts program at school ,and I had seen some of her work and was impressed. I first talked to my friend to see if they would be interested in me talking to their daughter, Maddie, about being the illustrator. Once I received their blessing, I shared my idea with Maddie. My original thought was that since I knew it would be a big undertaking for someone so young, I would have her do the bigger parts and have other children come back with the smaller details. However, Maddie said to me that if her name was going to be on the book, she wanted the work to be all hers so that it would be done the way she would want it to be done. I was so impressed that a 12 year old would think that way so I asked her if she would illustrate the entire book and she said yes. I am so proud of her and the amazing job she did!

You have a web site as well - tell us a bit about this?

My website is It has been really fun to have. I have an activities page for kids where they can play different games. I have coloring sheets for younger children. I have an Ideas for Teachers page which many teachers have taken advantage of as well as a picture page where I love posting pictures of children reading my book and pictures with the children I visit at schools. I also have pictures of educational activities many schools have done surrounding my book. My favorite part of the website is the poll that children can vote and tell me where they want to see "The Boots" go to next. All of these ideas have come from children. They can even see what is winning by clicking the review results button. And of course, you can order my book from the website too!

Anything else you'd like to add?

It has just been an amazing journey since I decided to write the book. I really enjoy bring "The Boots" (I actually have a pair of Boots that I painted to look like the characters in the book) to the schools and interacting with the students. That has been my favorite part. My book has been featured in a few Louisiana magazines and I was voted Best Local Author 2009 by Sophisciated Woman Magazine. I feel very blessed that I have been able to accomplish a life goal of mine! Besides my website, my book can be purchased through

Thanks Kim :)

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