Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kids Have the I'm-Bored-Blues?

Your Kids Are Invited to Check Out...

Join all the fun at Imagination-Cafe's Open Mic. This is a fun spot where kids can gather and "dish" on daily topics such;

* Sports & Hobbies
* Pets
* School
* Friends
* My Future ~ Hopes & Dreams
* Family
* Cool Kids ~ What they're doing
* Shahrook Oomer ~ Author of Footenbarn ~ Ask him a question

In addition to being cool and unique to Imagination-Cafe Magazine, this site is totally moderated so your can rest assured that nothing inappropriate is getting through.
So send the kids over to Imagination-Cafe Magazine ~
It's FREE, FUN and Guaranteed to keep them busy.

Imagination-Cafe ~ Feed the Mind

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