Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Runners

Fitness Week continues with my review of Chicken Soup for the Soul - Runners. If you're a jogger or someone who likes to run, this book is definitely for you. Check it out :)

Chicken Soup for the Soul has once again put out an awesome read with their newest addition, Runners. This book is filled with inspirational stories that reflect the three E's - Energy, Endurance and Endorphins. Plus, the introduction is written by the "ultramaratoner" Dean Karnazes.

Here's what you'll find inside, Chicken Soup for the Soul - Runners:

~ Part 1 ~ Starting Out

~ Part 2 ~ Running Therapy

~ Part 3 ~ Camaraderie

~ Part 4 ~ Comebacks

~ Part 5 ~ Everyday Adventures

~ Part 6 ~ Family Ties

~ Part 7 ~ A Step at a Time

~ Part 8 ~ Fortitude

~ Part 9 ~ Interesting Places

~ Part 10 ~ Moving on to Triathlons

Even if you're not a runner, Chicken Soup for the Soul - Runners is filled with 101 wonderful stories of courage, strength and of course, inspiration.

Look for Chicken Soup for the Soul - Runners anywhere books are sold or on
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Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees. com said...

Looks like a good book!
I am following your blog now.
Glad you found me through Twitter Moms!

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