Monday, June 21, 2010

Soup for Summer?

It's officially summer and what better way to kick it off than with Melon Berry Soup by Company's Coming. It's as yummy as it is pretty.

The colours in this vibrant soup excite the eye and the palate. Serve in chilled bowls for a light, refreshing dessert on a hot summer evening.

What You Need:

Chopped ripe cantaloupe ~ 5 cups - 1.25 L
White grape juice ~ 1 cup - 250 mL
Lemon juice ~ 2 tbsp. - 30 mL

Fresh (or frozen, thawed) raspberries 1 1/2 cups - 375 mL
White grape juice ~ 1/3 cup - 75 mL

Process first 3 ingredients in blender or food processor until smooth. Transfer to medium bowl. Chill, covered, for at least 2 hours until cold. Makes about 4 1/2 cups (1.1 L).

Process raspberries and second amount of grape juice in blender or food processor until smooth. Strain through sieve into small bowl. Discard seeds. Chill, covered, for at least 2 hours until cold.

Drizzle over individual servings. Serves 6.

1 serving: 96 Calories; 0.6 g Total Fat (trace Mono, 0.1 g Poly, trace Sat); 0 mg Cholesterol; 24 g Carbohydrate; 3 g Fibre; 2 g Protein; 13 mg Sodium

Reprinted with permission by Company's Coming;


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Sandie Lee said...

It is sooo refreshing on a hot day :)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Ruth.. YUMMY!!

Sandie Lee said...

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