Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Pregnant Too!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads or expecting dads. And what better way to celebrate Father's Day than with a review of a wonderful new book entitled; Dad's Pregnant Too! by Harlan Cohen.

This book is written for dads-to-be by a dad. Its packed full of tips, pictures, quotes and all the information you need to help you along the way to parenthood.

Here's a look at what Dad's Pregnant Too has to offer;

Chapter 1 - The First Few Weeks
Chapter 2 - The Doctor Will See You Now.
Chapter 3 - The Baby's Developement - Pictures Here
Chapter 4 - The Many Faces of the Expectant Father
Chapter 5 - The Body of the Pregnant Woman
Chapter 6 - The Mind of the Pregnant Women
Chapter 7 - Spoiling Your Pregnant Partner
Chapter 8 - Pregnant S*x
Chapter 9 - Shopping for Baby
Chapter 10 - Passing the Time (Second/Third Trimesters)
Chapter 11 - Labor and Delivery Prep Time
Chapter 12 - The Birth Day
Chapter 13 - After the Baby is Born

Cohen has left nothing out, his sense of humour throughout will be appreciated by all who read this marvelous book. Dads-to-be should be lining up to get their hands on a copy of, Dad's Pregnant Too!

For more information visit Harlan Cohens web site at;

About the Author; Harlen Cohen is a bestselling author, syndicated advice columnist, speaker and singer/songwriter. He lives with his wife, daughter and newborn son in Chicago.


Kimmy said...

I just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to your dad and all the wonderful gentlemen celebrating fatherhood today, cheers!

Sandie Lee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Father's Day to yours as well :)

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