Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Medical Buddies - Part 2

We continue today with the rest of Theresa's interview and some other interesting facts.

JeReese holding Temp in the hospital

Meet our Live Temp & Scrubs, who travel around the city
meeting children at Camps, Health fairs and hospitals.
The children love interacting with Temp & Scrub as they participate in many games, songs and activity worksheets.

THE MORNING BUDDIES® MEDICAL BUDDIES® come in a variety of products and services. Our Plush Companion Buddy Doll, Coloring & Activity Books, Educational Material (Activity Books, Worksheet, Book Markers, Stickers, Poster etc...) as well as, DVD cartoon animation videos, Music Cd's, such as “Who’s Who & What They Do”, “Take care of Yourself” and more…

We are especially proud of having our own Fabric that features the MORNING BUDDIES® MEDICAL BUDDIES® in apparels such as uniform scrubs for adults and children, along with T-Shirts and much more… look for our MB’s Bedding Accessories and MB’s Ambulance coming soon.

Our Products and Services are listed at our Uth Full Store, and featured on our website, you will also find more information about us and our company (Uth Full Learning) and what we are trying to accomplish.

Our latest and greatest product is very dear to my heart, I realized once again we are not in control, and sometimes GOD will remind us in ways that are painful and some are not. Personally, I learned painfully. I’ve always said my oldest sister (Charlene) will take care of my son once I’m gone, little to my surprise, thinking I had it all in control, and I don’t. My sister was diagnosed with Sm. Cell Lung Cancer and that made me realize she could possibly go before me, and that made me realize and once GOD show up and showed out by giving me another alternative that only he can provide and for me to share with others. “After Me” … came by the grace of GOD.

“After Me” is how to care for my Special Needs Child is a comfort tool in place by the Parents for the continuous care of his/her Special Needs Child.
“After Me” is reassuring, comforting, and a piece of mind for parents who often wonder who will continue the special care they’ve provided throughout the years for their child. This love tool will give guidance to the family members or persons who will fill their shoes.
This is a form of educating, protecting, and keeping your child with the same or little to no changes, due to the fact of losing a parent.
Special Needs Children are accustomed to learning by repetition, therefore, keeping their style of learning abilities the same as what the Parents have in place, will assure minimal changes and adjustments within that child.
These will ease the Parents who fear the most of what will happen to my child after I’m gone. Having the (“After Me”) program in place before any lost will not only keep the Parents informed, but all of their love ones who may have the responsibilities left upon them.
I encourage and share with you this program, because there is no better PRESCRIPTION; given or written, to best describe your child then the one PROVIDED BY the PARENTS.

Uth Full Learning, is trying to get our OWN TV SHOW on the New OWN Network (Oprah Winfrey Network). I have attached a link that will take you to my page, and you can vote as often as you like. I think it would be a great opportunity to promote our Medical Buddies. The voting is now until July 3, 2010.

P-L-E-A-S-E, watch my submitted audition to understand my passion and then use the link below to cast your vote for MORNING BUDDIES.

Click on the green button to cast your VOTE on the Oprah site!

Thanks for your support…

Even if we can’t get on Oprah we won’t stop there. We are trying to get our own TV show anyway possible. As for now you can also view our WebTV at:


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