Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lets Get Kids Active Again

One in three children in America is obese or overweight. This is an alarming statistic and we can only wonder what the future holds for our kids if this continues to climb.

Healthy eating is a must, but unless we get our kids moving, proper nutrition isn’t enough. So what’s a parent to do?

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, the #1-ranking fitness center destination for children with 200 locations worldwide, has launched The Activators, a motivational group designed to give kids the confidence that videogames just can’t impart.

Let’s Meet the Activators

Heather, Jamin, Eric and Emma are four talented My Gym teachers who sing, dance, put on silly skits and get kids moving. They combine fun with hip-hopping and bopping well known songs such as Jack and Jill, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Pat-a-Cake. Your little one will have such a blast they won’t even realize it’s good for them - perfect for ages 2-8.

In addition to this wonderful 22 song/skit CD, The Activators also have a web site; http://www.theactivators.net/. The site has photos, printables, videos, and an Activator store (kids can be an Activator too). There’s even a printable membership card so your child can take the Activator Pledge and become an official Activator.

My Gym’s The Activators is a definite first step in children’s fitness motivation and fun.

Want to win 1 of 2 Activators CD’s? Just leave a comment in this Blog Spot telling me what you like to do to keep your kids active. I will do a random draw for the winner at the end of this week.

Good Luck!

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