Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do You Smoothie? - Creamy Raspberry Cooler

Looking for a low fat yet delicious drink? Try this raspberry cooler - its pink, thick and creamy. Delightfully refreshing any time of day.

What you need:

* Container of frozen raspberries in syrup, 15oz. - 425 g partially thawed (see Note)
* Low-fat raspberry yogurt 3/4 cup - 175 mL
* Milk 1/2 cup - 125 mL

Process all 3 ingredients in blender until smooth. Makes about 3 1/4 cups (800 mL). Pour into 2 large glasses. Serves 2.

1 serving: 306 Calories; 1.2 g Total Fat (0.3 g Mono, 0.2 g Poly, 0.6 g Sat); 5 mg Cholesterol; 69 g Carbohydrate; 9 g Fibre; 8 g Protein; 103 mg Sodium

Note: If you prefer a seedless cooler, thaw raspberries completely and press through sieve into medium bowl to remove seeds. Cooler will not be as thick.

Reprinted with permission by Company's Coming
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denkli said...

Sounds and looks good.

Hil'Lesha said...

Looks good! =)

Melissa said...

Love that it fits into a cupholder!

Amy Tocci said...

Sounds great!

Show Me Mama said...

That really looks yummy! I can drink quite a bit of those. Have you tried several with mangos (We are a mango house hold :) Love it and little a bit of coconut water (which is healthy too) I drink that at least twice a day!

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