Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Rescue Dog Family Album - A Review

As a pet lover I can safely say that I've had my share of animal-companions (and I would have more if not for a husband that keeps my desire to save them all in check).  However, for Dr. Diane Pomerance, Ph.D. her love for dogs has been put into action - she's never turned away an animal in need.

Come take the journey with Dr. Diane and her "canine-babies," in, "Our Rescue Dog Family Album."  You'll fall in love with each and every dog that Dr. Diane and her husband take into their lives.  Without her kindness, generosity and dedication, these wonderful animals would have been left to suffer and die, alone and scared.

"Each and every day of our lives is a celebration of life," states Dr. Diane.  "Featured in this book are descriptions of as well as the stories of some of the dogs we have adopted and who have become members of our seemly ever-expanding family."

Our Rescue Dog Family Album is filled with photographs of these lucky canines and is a "homage" to their lives...

"...the gifts they have brought us are immeasurable; the life lessons they have taught us are invaluable..."

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Our Rescue Dog Family Album is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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