Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Ways to Go Green in the Neighborhood

It's Earth Week and that means recycling, focusing on sustainability and "going green" - but it's not enough for just one person to do it, so how do you get your entire neighborhood onboard with the idea?

Here are some bright ways to go green, and take your neighbors with you, using the new, free and secure social media service for neighborhoods, Nextdoor.

1. Organize an e-cycling event for neighbors. It's not always easy to properly recycle your old TVs and electronics, but what if your community had a day where a local volunteer stopped by your house and hauled away your unwanted gadgets? Communities using Nextdoor can create calendar events and and invite their neighbors. Is someone in your community willing to donate an afternoon to drive people's old gadgets and electronics to an e-cycling center? Let your community know, set up a calendar event and invite your neighbors to add their unwanted gadgets to the drive.

2. Share and share alike. You don't have to break the bank every spring and buy new gardening gear and tools. Think sustainably and use Nextdoor to borrow a ladder (instead of buy one). Do you have power tools that you only use once a year? Post a notice to your Nextdoor community and let people rent or borrow your equipment. Do you have a service, like landscaping or plumbing, to offer? Let your neighbors know and stay local.

3. Donate your unwanted possessions. Organize bi-annual donation drives. Designate a drop-off location for clothes, books, furniture, games and more, and donate it to your favorite charitable organization.

4. Organize a neighborhood cleanup. Organize a neighborhood cleanup. Post pictures from the event to Nextdoor when you're finished.

About Nextdoor
Nextdoor is a free and secure social network that connects people across the United States with their neighbors. Nextdoor communities are self-started by individuals in communities who want to connect with their neighbors over a verified, secure infrastructure. Nextdoor is a San Francisco based startup, founded in 2010 by internet veterans with deep experience in creating thriving online communities. Nextdoor has been featured in publications like USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, AARP, TIME, Forbes, FastCompany and more.  Check them out at;

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