Monday, February 6, 2012

Uncle Al Capone - a Review

Al Capone...

...public enemy #1 of the most notorious criminals of all time

Al Capone has been portrayed throughout history as a bad man, however, there's good in all people.  Deirdre Marie Capone is the grand niece of this infamous man and has shared a different and detailed back story in, Uncle Al Capone.

From Al Capone's efforts to integrate baseball, to what really happened to him while he served time on Alcatraz, Uncle Al Capone is a detailed and poignant look at Al's background.  In this book Deirdre also shares memories of Uncle Al and what it was like growing with the stigma of the Capone name - it wasn't easy!

In addition, Deirdre also shares her grandmother's recipes for some of Al's favorite and traditional dishes.

Uncle Al Capone is an interesting and page-turning read.  I enjoyed the details and true story of Capone from someone who was there and the never seen before pics from her own family album.

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