Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three Candles - A Review

Two boys.  Two tragic stories.  Two lives begin.

Meet Will and Henry.  Two young boys that started out life on a journey of pain and suffering.  The difference?  Henry was loved and so wanted.  Will was not.

Author, Will Corcoran, tells us of his life growing up as an unwanted and abused child.  However, his tale is one of hope as he embarks on a great marriage, the birth of his first son and the adoption of his daughter.  But life was soon going to through Will another curve ball when his son Henry is born with a rare and life-threatening disease.  But Henry is a trooper and soon teaches Will that life is made for fun and adventure.

Three Candles is a heart-breaking story of love, inspiration and hope.  Henry's attitude throughout his life's struggles is to be admired and used as an example.  Check out Three Candles here.  This book is a must read!

About the Author

Will Corcoran is a writer, law professor, non-profit executive, speaker, businessman, professional coach, and lawyer by trade. Most importantly, however, he is a proud husband and father of four. Will’s story, and Henry’s lesson, is something that he is committed to share with everyone. He has done that in his publications, speaking to groups (including child advocacy groups, parents of chronically ill children, healthcare practitioners and facilities, and those interested in gaining perspective), and one-on-one coaching and counseling. Will Corcoran currently lives in Indianapolis, IN with his wife and their four children. Three Candles by Will Corcoran (published by AuthorHouse, 2012, RRP $18.20) is available online and can be ordered from all good book retailers. For more information about Henry’s Hope please visit

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