Friday, December 2, 2011

Georgia Justice "Journey to Faith"

This week I've reviewed books on Faith.  Books that took their authors into different situations (some good, some harrowing) and how they excelled through with their never wavering faith in God.

Georgia Justice "Journey to Faith" by Jackie Carpenter is a look at how one woman (and dedicated mom) held onto her faith and specifically Psalm 91 to help her cope and believe her wrongfully convicted son would be cleared of murder charges.  It's a book that Jackie wrote in sequel to; The Bridge; Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is: Psalm 91.

"Journey to Faith" is compelling and one that needs to added to your collection.  This faith driven story is filled with hope and faith - something we could all use in our lives.  Jackie's courage in the face of disaster is to be admired. 

Grab a copy of Georgia Justice "Journey to Faith" and The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is: Psalm 91 at;

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