Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Big Bang Theory Cool Gifts

I have recently become a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory sitcom with the brilliant and quirky cast of scientific nerds and their girl-next-door (literally) Penny.

If you have watched the show then you know that Sheldon's Soft Kitty song has become one of the fan favorites.  Want to have a Soft Kitty all of your own?  You can!  Stylin Online now has a cute, plush kitty that sings the Soft Kitty song when you press it's toe - my real feline loves this toy and snuggles and purrs every time he hears it's sweet voice.

Want more "Bang"?  Add the Soft Kitty t-shirt made from 100 percent cotton and screen printed with the words to the Soft Kitty song and you have an awesome Christmas gift for all those Big Bang Theory fans on your holiday list.  These are sold together or separately for both men and women.

Check out The Big Bang Theory items on Stylin Online

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