Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom - Season 1

High school is tough for even the most confident of kids, but imagine having to go through these years with ghost-hunting-scientific parents and your own special ability to change into a ghost!  Thanks to a freak accident in his parent's lab, Danny is left with an alter ego and a tonne of adventures.

Danny Fenton aka Danny Phantom is set to keep your cartoon loving kids glued to the television with 20 spooky, action-packed episodes.  Danny isn't alone in his quest for ghosts either, his best friends Tucker and Sam join him for all the hilarity. 

Danny Phantom hit the cartoon scene in 2004 and has only gained in popularity.  Kids haven't experienced this cool dude yet?  Check out Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom and other DVD's at; Shout Kids Factory

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