Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guantanamo Boy - A Review

There is a lot more violence on the television and video games than when I was growing up.  In my opinion all of this desensitizes kids (and adults) to some of the very real and harsh realities of true life.

Guantanamo Boy by Anna Perera is a wake up call to all youngsters who believe they could survive a life in prison.

Khalid Ahmed was living a pretty normal life with his family in England - high school, girls, homework and his cousins new computer game - kept him busy and happy.  But when his family takes a trip to Karachi to visit his relatives, things change drastically - Khalid's father suddenly goes missing and Khalid in his determination to find him, gets caught up in a raucous demonstration and has his picture taken.  That night men break into his families home and kidnap him, insisting he is part of a terrorist collation.

Khalid finds himself in a nightmare as the torture begins and a long journey of pain, suffering and self doubt take it's toll on him mentally, physically and emotionally.

Guantanamo Boy is a gripping and terrifying fictional novel.  Perera paints such a vivid tale it's hard to imagine that stuff like what Khalid experiences in the book has really taken place in these facilities.  I would recommend this book to any parent with teenage children and it should be on every school's must read list. 

For more information please visit Anna Perera's web site or look on Amazon

Author Tour: September 20-27, 2011: Detroit, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis

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Katherines Corner said...

great review, I don't think I could read it though... Hugs

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