Thursday, August 25, 2011

American Suite by Diana Sheets

Sophie, Arisa’s sister, has her own set of challenges. Her husband loses his job; she’s attracted to her youngest son’s tutor, and her boys begin embracing conflicting religions. The family turns to sailing in an attempt to find common ground; however, the boat is damaged during a race. Then there’s Rosalyn, the widowed, seventy-something mother who lives in New York. Rosalyn is a Christian but turns to Judaism (and Yiddish obscenities) when she falls in love with Saul only to be devastated when the love of her life later dies of cancer. Three women, all in therapy, all in conflict though deeply connected, all struggling to make their way in this multicultural morass we call America today, and all engaged in writing their memoirs.

This adventure comedy celebrates the strength and resilience of these three strong women. It gives readers a first-hand glimpse of today’s real American family – dysfunctional but thriving, nonetheless! American Suite has received rave reviews and has all the makings of a box-office smash hit.
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