Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dark Territory - A Review

Rivals between the "rich kids" and the "disadvantaged kids" is nothing new, but when the opposing gang leaders must work together against a force darker than anything they've ever seen, it suddenly becomes very terrifying.

Raphael and his family moved to the small, desolate town of Middleburg to help keep Raphael from falling in with the wrong people.  However, living on the poor side of town automatically makes Raph a "Flatliner" and instant enemies with the strong opposing rich "Topper" kids.  To make matters worse, Raphael has an instant connection with Amiee (a Topper newly back from a stint in a house for troubled teen girls).  She feels it too, but her brother (Topper gang) is determined to keep them apart at all costs.

As the gang wars escalate a strange darkness falls over the town and the now abandoned railroad tunnels are being haunted by a deadly force.  Can Raphael and his enemies fight this force?  Find out in Dark Territory written by J. Gabriel Gates and Charlene Keel.

This young adult fiction is sure to be a hit - it has block buster movie written all over it!

For more information visit, please visit the author’s website at: http://www.jgabrielgates.com/ or the media site at: http://www.m.hcibooks.com/ for downloads of posters, wallpaper, ringtones or information on the book.

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