Friday, July 22, 2011

Terror on the Border - A Review

Exciting!  Suspenseful!  Educational!

These are only some of the words you'll use after you read Terror on the Border by EE Hunt. 

With the rise of Mexican cartels on the Texas/Mexican border using drugs and young girls (human trafficking) to make millions of dollars, a hero had to emerge.  Meet Jack an ex-sniper who was facially disfigured while serving his country in Iraq.  Jack steps up when his wife Juanita and her cousin, Orlando, a Border Patrol officer, are viciously kidnapped by the Lobo cartel, Hernan Cortez and his deranged "enforcer" Manuela (who has taken the art of torture to a whole new level).  After a brave escape, Juanita and Jack are determined to stop these criminals and are joined by two Dallas private detectives.

This is where the book gets really good!  If you like suspense, crime stories and an over-all fantastic read, then grab a copy of Terror on the Border it will keep you turning those pages and wondering how much more excitement you can take.

A message from the author; 

This is a work of fiction, but the narcotics and human trafficking it depicts are all too real. Some of the incidents are based on fact; the Zetas, for example, are a real drug cartel born of Mexican Army Special Forces deserters whose members include corrupt former federal, state and local police officers. In Mexico, the human slave trade is a $20 billion-a- year endeavor, second only to drug trafficking, according to Samuel Logan, founding director of Southern Pulse, an information network focused on Latin America. Mexico’s public safety secretary, Genaro Garcia Luna, estimates that Mexican drug cartels take in over $64 billion a year from their sales to users in the U.S.

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