Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Love to Swim - A Review

As we approach the summer months kids and parents alike will want to dive into that sparkling, cool water of lakes, streams and pools, but before you do make sure your children know the basics of swimming.

I Love to Swim by Rita Goldberg is a wonderful first book for kids ages 1 to 4.  In this book Goldberg demonstrates the basics of swimming lessons in a rhyming, rhythmic manner that will keep the kids tuned in.  She also cleverly compares the nature of swimming with being in Mommy's tummy...

"Rolling, spinning, up and down
Tumble over, twist around.
Swooshing, whooshing, warm and comfy.
I'm swimming in my Mommy's tummy..."

The simple illustrations are bright and bold and only add to the likability of the story.

I Love to Swim could be used as a regular read to introduce your child to the pleasure and safety of water play and swimming.

For more information, check out Launch Pad Publishing

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