Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dark Canvas - A Review

Artist Kira McGovern is devastated when her mother passes away, so in an attempt to immortalize her, she mixes some of her ashes into the paint.  Kira soon realizes that this may be a unique way to help others grieving the loss of loved-ones - thus "Canvas of Life" was born.

As Kira's clientele begins to build so does the strange and unexplainable dreams and visions she is having about the dead person's life.  Some of the images she has are pleasant and some...terrifying.

When Sean Easton's father dies he uses this as an excuse to visit Kira, but as Kira begins his painting something sinister emerges.  Will she and Sean discover the hidden terror that lingers on Sean's farm before it's too late?

Find out in Dark Canvas by Jody Summers.  This book is full of romance, suspense, mystery and intrigue.  It'd be a perfect beach read or one for a rainy afternoon.  Check out Jody Summers and Dark Canvas at;

This book is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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