Saturday, June 18, 2011

Better Than Ever, Again - A Review

Is Dad a reader?  Does he love a great suspense/adventure novel? 

Better Than Ever, Again by Mitch Davies may be an awesome gift for Father's Day.

Ben Beck has landed the perfect job - working on a yacht sailing to and around Tahiti for a year.  Plus, no experience is necessary and he will receive a sizable chunk of cash once the yacht is sold.  But is this "too good to be true" opportunity just that.

Ben soon has his suspicious of the validity of what he's got himself into.  However, after Ben meets a beautiful Tahitian women, he's torn about the decision to stay with the yacht, despite the dangers, or stick it out to see where his growing affection for Maeva will lead.

Take a fantastic journey in Better Than Ever, Again.  For more information, check out;  Also available on Amazon

About the Author

Mitch Davies was born in Canada and spent 40 years there before moving to the desert of Arizona. He is a true child of the media having grown up with a father who worked his entire career in the film industry. The house he grew up in had a television on from the time he woke up until he went to bed. The influence of stories, whether real or made up, was always present. Due to this exposure, Mitch viewed most of life's occurrences as scenes for a story.

Mitch Davies has a strong interest in things Japanese and in August of 2010 went to Japan to live and write for three months. His preparation for the trip and his experiences while living in Japan can be followed on his blog at

Previously he authored a novel A Wind in Montana. Better Than Ever, Again is his second novel.

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