Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soul Proof - A Review

Health and Wellness week continues with my review of Soul Proof by Dr. Mark Pitstick.

Who are we?  Why are we here?  What's next after this life, anything?

Soul Proof; Compelling Evidence You Are An Infinite Spiritual Being will answer these questions and many others.  Dr. Pitstick covers all areas of spirituality...

~  After Death Contacts
~  Near-Death Experiences
~  Miraculous and Revelatory Experiences
~  Scientific Input
~  Paranormal Experience
~  Input from Religious and Spirituality
~  Peri-natal Evidence
~  Reincarnation Evidence
~  Firsthand Experience and Other Ways of Knowing

Dr. Pitstick's makes a good case for all the above areas and, even though I may not agree with everything, I found Soul Proof to be an interesting and compelling read.

Check out Soul Proof and Dr. Mark Pitstick's website for more information at;

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